Which trading platform with HFT potential? Deltix DCS, Modulus M4, Tradelink open source, Simulink FPGA, or MATLAB X_Trader

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(Last Updated On: April 10, 2013)

Which trading platform with HFT potential? Deltix DCS, Modulus M4, Tradelink open source, Simulink FPGA, or MATLAB X_Trader

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We got our hands on some great trading platforms over the years. We also upgraded finally to the current version of Matlab with all the bell and whistles. What now?

We got a poll going to help give direction so please help out by giving you answer:


Listed below are our various trading platform options  we want to look into if everything can be upgraded:

1. Deltix Cloud Solution: We got this but played with it. It is very fast but we lose total control on how strategies execute trades on an external server many of you would not be happy about. You would have no control of it.  Also, it is not a cheap solution but easily one of the best if you want pure HFT.

2. Modulus Financial Engineering M4 Package #2: We get total source code for all the major project not only that, but we could extend extra services to members including charts, actual platform potential, etc. Pretty power suite of apps but it is suited for Technical Analysis but that is fine as we can integrate no different from Matlab’s components including Simulink. Do note, you will need to arrange with Modulus directly if you want the same source code access. http://www.modulusfe.com/sale.asp

3. Tradelink as usual with open source. It is of course free but somewhat limited in speed and functionality. It can also have various weird bugs but it is FREE for all.

4. Stick with latest features Matlab which allows FPGA potential deployment for lowest latency HFT. This includes purchasing of boards which are not cheap with Simulink HDML/Verilogi generation.

5. Stick with Matlab’s latest features to trade directly out of Matlab with Trading Toolbox or direct Java JAR capabilities hooking into Interactive Broker’s API for execution.

6. Use something like X_Trader with Matlab’s Trading Toolbox but this is an expensive monthly cost.

There are some other options including some other limited open source solutions but they are limited or just don’t have community support. You decide to help us choose which platform is best for you our QuantLabs.NET Premium Membership and potential traders.

Do our poll:


Thanks  Bryan

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