The advantages of Matlab Simulink and FPGA with cost analysis over any HFT, R. Python

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2013)

The advantages of Matlab Simulink and FPGA  with cost analysis over any HFT, R. Python

These interesting comments came from one of muy Youtube visitors: (thanks to him for sending these thoughts)

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These guys are using Simulink to build financial models:



However, none of that information is out in the public for consumers. So, you would be a sort of pioneer on this front.


Deltix may work, but it is pricey for what it is. More expensive in a single month, than FPGA. If you decide to go with deltix, what are you going to recommend to your members? Just matlab for everything with the matlab trading toolbox?


I remember that old guy with the triangular arbitrage ‘currency ring’ strategy. Are you going to give some demos on how to use currenex with matlab + quickfix for execution? Maybe IQFeed for the FX Data?


Right, well the mathworks demo for simulink algos to FPGA is coming out at the end of April. That should give you a head start on that front.



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