No matter what the New Zealand government does, I still don’t trust these unknown CORRUPT forex brokers on a global scale

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2013)

No matter what the New Zealand government does, I still don’t trust these unknown forex brokers on a global scale

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After this post being up for a while:


We got this comment:

Capital One Forex Limited is a member of the Financial Services Complaints Ltd.,a government organization.Capital One Forex offers easy and secure facilities to perform online deposits. Our trading environment supports multiple currencies and a wide range of payment methods such as MoneyBookers WebMoney, credit and debit cards and Bank Wire transfers.Contact us support (AT) capitaloneforex.com

At first, I thought this was another scam broker but it looks like the New Zealand government did set up this organization:


Ok. That may work just fine for New Zealand brokers. What about the rest of us in Europe or North America? A lot of brokers are still corrupt no matter how you slice it.

Some are even questioning the broker I want to go with. That is Interactive Brokers.

Is it me or is Interactive Brokers starting to go downhill fast for trading? Go into the dumper?

My quent friend even doesn’t trust any broker as they will always trade against you. We might be able to prove it but they want to make money on both sides of the trade. Always try to go with a market neutral exchange like LMAX if you can.

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