My full on review on Hootsuite Pro service with these third party apps for social media marketing and management

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2013)
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My full on review on Hootsuite Pro service with these third party apps for social media marketing and management
Here is my review of HootSuite’s Pro paid service. It is still way too early to see the impact of the paid social networks like Google Plus
Wordpress, or StockTwits. There is no point for the extra services if they don’t work. I must say there are wierd connection problems with Google
Plus pages with some title only on my posts. That is frustrating but I am getting even stranger problems trying to post StockTwits postings. It only
appears to work with Evernote. Don’t ask me why?

Overall, I am questioning this paid service as none of this stuff works. Not worth it and a complete mess. If this is how the so-called start
up community is pulling off this kind of rubbish, no wonder they are failing with the lack of venture capital. Shame  on them. Thanks for wasting my
time you tossers.

Most of these are pure crap. It seems they are developed by a third party so I am sure HootSuite will not take responsibility if these
will work within their dashboard. Either way, it is an insult to a potential paying customer to even see this. It makes both parties look
like they don’t care about their users. It is just junk!!!  I used the latest version Internet Explorer so don’t blame it on the browser. I
got unpredictable results for each using Firefox and Opera.
So far, just stick with the paid offering as that works just fine.

HootSuite Apps
Tumblr    does not work with any setting for Tumblr account settings
Vimeo    Manually post
Myspace    CANNOT connect with Hootsuite to Myspace note connected with Twitter
Mixi    Japanese but translation to English
Evernote     Evernote will share all notes to social including Stocktwits
Flickr    account name is quantlabs
Stocktwits user=bryandowning    cannot tweet using Stocktwits but can share docs from Evernote
TrendSpottr    good for real time trends on twitter
Wordpress     works on self hosted apps but must use wordpress admin login credential but cannot publish
SocialBro    you need to pay
SlideShare    does not connect to SlideShare
Ymmer     too slow sending out registration email
NeedTagger    delete not applicable to quant niche
Xing    you can post an activity manually but no real benefit
Zuum    useless as it does not report any results plus chargeable
Reachli    cannot create account also looks chargeable

Stumbleupon    cannot auto post with it
Instagram     cannot auto post with it
Reddit     cannot auto post with it
Orkut     cannot auto post any content
Viadeo    just reblogs whats in your account so cannot post
Hubspot     chargeable
SocialFlow     cannot create account from Hootsuite    not accepting new users
Sina weibo    just circles around with connection offer    cannot sign in or create account
Renren    just circles around with connection offer
Socialcast    no connection offered

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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