MATLAB blows people’s minds when it comes to building quant, trading strategies, models, and HFT automated trading system

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2013)

MATLAB blows people’s minds when it comes to building quant, trading strategies, models, and HFT automated trading system

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From a couple of Premium Members comment and queries from the awesome webinar presented by Stuart of the MATHWORKS on the latest capabilities of MATLAB 2013.

Hi Bryan,


What a great webinar yesterday !

An example for the vaste majority of presentations.

I have to look at the replay for the last part because then Stuart was in 6th gear.


A couple of remarks:


1. This matlab software package is BIG.

I don’t think that any person can master it completely and also dive deep in applications.

Different parts we have to address:

– Statistical analysis of past data for definition and testing of strategies and algorithmes.

– Modelling of algo’s and strategies in Simulink

– Designing and realisation of automatic trading systems with datafeeds, colocation servers, etc.


2. This package is also for brokers.

With this package (with Matlab server) the broker can make a complete system with many traders connected.


3. So we have to organize things.

Hopefully there are a number of people who are willing to form a team and work together.


Please comment and put it on the website if you wish.




NOT for everybody:



This is getting bigger and bigger. More than you can do by yourself.

I think we are nearing the moment when a team has to be formed with members with complementing expertise who commit themselves to realize the goals (to be agreed). This goes beyond the membership of This is the next step, this is business.


You need a team and you need to realize a first demo automated trading system.

And then this can be presented to potential investors resulting in agreements, business plan, setting up and rolling out the systems and services.


Perhaps I go too fast, but I like the overall picture and see where we are going to.


In my opinion: If you do not take the next step, you can continue with the membership and the website and present everybody promising developments and products. If this is what you want, no problem, do continue. Everybody makes his own choices.


I think I have made my point. I am willing to participate in the next level.


OK, tell me what you think of this. Perhaps another Skype ?



I haven’t looked at this yet, but it may have relevance to your (“our”) project.

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