Can you predict markets with Big data, Hadoop, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, and SQL Server with data streaming?

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2013)

Can you predict markets with Big data, Hadoop, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, and SQL Server with data streaming?


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Ok. I have just had our Windows Server 2012 demo from an evangalist at Microsoft:

An Introduction to Windows Server 2012 at Microsoft Yorkdale Toronto

Saturday, Apr 20, 2013, 4:30 PM

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Mitch Garvis is a Renaissance Man of the IT world.  In addition to being a Virtual Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Canada, he is also a partner with SWMI Consulting Group. Among his numerous certifications are several MCITPs, as well as the new MCSE: Private Cloud.  He lectures and trains on a variety of topics including System Center, server vi…

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This convinced me to move forward on building a infra-structure with Microsoft Windows technologies. This also include SQL Server which can be used for data mining, data streaming, and some business intelligence. This can be used for potential trade market analysis using ARIMA algorithm prediction. I have used with some moderating successes. This is where you could house your ticks and bars as well. There are some decent comparisons between MYSQL and SQL Server as well in the links below if you dig far enough

You may want to check these Microsoft links out below:

Big Data which can be built with Hadoop out of box:


Fast data streaming:


Predictive analysis:


These are all kind of cool technologies that can be used to predict analysis in the markets. Also, we should be able to integrate Matlab 2013a with this as well. .NET helps here as well. Kind of cool huh?

Mind you , this will have to be put on the back burner until we can get a proper set trading strategies in place that shows potential profit. This obvious stack can be be used well in with any .NET environment.

Here is how Canada’s BMO does it:



Note: Low latency is not critical as this is for historical analysis or back testing only.

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