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(Last Updated On: March 6, 2013)
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I am now taking the Premium Membership into the most advanced areas in strategy development and financial modeling. This involves using the most advanced statistical tool platform out there called Matlab. If you were me spending the amount of time reading their manual PDFs, you quickly find the endless amount of unknown golden nuggets that can take your trading profits to who knows where.


As a result, in coming days I will start my analysis with one of these new model techniques found in Matlab. It seems very few retail traders know about them with their retail trading platforms such as Tradestation, Metatrader, Ninja, etc. Also as coming from Matlab, it raises my confidence in their quality as these programmable functions have been vetted for their institutional enterprise clients like Hedge Funds and Banks. It is not like using something generated from R or other open source projects which can be questioned in terms of trusting it. Would you really want to trade a portfolio with 7-9 digits on something you cannot have a lot of trust in? Now you know why I heavily rely on something like Matlab vs R.

Lastly, as I am starting this complicated analysis of trying to find profitable forecasting trading models, I will revisit how I will bring in new members and the rates they pay. I will be posting my exclusive videos ONLY to my Premium Members. I will even post source code examples with live webinars of Q&A on these. It will take a while to complete this analysis but the best time is to join now as I start this exclusive process you most likely won’t find anywhere else.


Lastly, here are the many benefits of being a Member as well.

Thanks for reading


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