Is this CQF or QuantNet C++ Programming Certification for a quant career add much to your career?

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2013)

A question came in from someone on Facebook:


I am also wondering if you have seen this and have any thoughts on it as well. I notice that the masters degree at University of Essex is like $21,000……..whereas this is around $1,450 structured course.



My answer:

If you are wanting to learn C++ in an expensive way, I don’t think this will add much to your career. With the glut of PHDs recent graduate quant wannabees, I would think it would be stiff competition to go up against someone with a PHD from an Ivy league school like Stanford or Columbia. I would just stick with some college course. I have the same feeling with this CQF as well.Don’t forget you are also going up against the killer experienced C++ developers who wrote some FIX or matching engine at a company like RBS, Getco, or Citadel. There are a tonne of those experienced people out there as well.

I can easily base this off the people who are launching hedge funds hiring new developers in the UK.

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