Q&A about open source in house trading platform versus expensve institutional HFT trading platforms like Deltix or Quanthouse

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2013)

A general Q&A about open source in house trading platform versus expensve institutional trading platforms like Deltix or Quanthouse

A question came up from a Linked in members;

Hi Bryan,
I really like to follow your ideas on linkedin and your blog, I have a quick question for you:

– For a global macro algo trading business (some directional and pair trading on fx,futures,stock, options only for phase 2) with signals using 1minute or more data with holding period between minutes and potentially days do you think that tradelink could handle it using c# and matlab (using the deployment tool)?
For what I understood it doesn’t fit UHFT, but I am a small private trader so I don’t care, and my models are only based on econometric models or simple pattern recognition using only financial data.

I agree on multichart and talking to deltix and quanthouse I think they are really the holy grail, but it’s to expensive for retails people. However given the less relevant issue for latency (high, but not ultra high) it looks to me that tradelink with IB could avoid the operational risk(and time) of of an in-house platform project.

Thanks in advance for your comments


Tradelink seems to be the best as is stands when you are starting out. It is full of bugs and other limitations, but it has a thricing community and some limited support for a cheap monthly. Deltix is the best it seems IB is the best broker at this point. It comes down to the ability of testing all this out as we are now entering in that phase. Also, Quanthouse product did not impress me that much.

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