Power of Matlab and open source code trading is the ultimate choice for HFT! Not Tradesation, Ninja Trader, Multicharts, nor Metatrader

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2013)

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Tradestation and Matlab will not equate to High Frequency Trading aka HFT. I need Microsoft .NET with C# or C++


Of course platforms using EasyLanguage are not suited for HFT. But….

There is a huge market for anybody willing to bring software capabilities like Matlab to the trading simulator party for testing feasibility of a large body of Medium frequency trading strategies, and an even larger body of Low frequency trading strategies involving an ever expanding universe of trading instruments. Trading strategy development on a “daily time frame” frequency is 90 percent of the software market, and I believe that the new “transaction tax ” laws and order commitment regulation (like all orders good for a second before canceling is allowed) in EU and USA will in short order change the HFT game radically.  That does not mean there will be less need for low latency of transmission and high dependability for even relatively infrequent trades in any particular security, as frequency can even mean how many trades per second are considered in real time for all markets simultaneously.

I am also very interested in open source and multiple instances of simulation and real time trading platforms.  I just want to bring some advanced analysis techniques to the retail software realm to test people’s strategies for them without having to port everything done over many years by somebody to a different language.

But serious value lies in ability to connect and utilize the invested world library of “legacy work” with the new languages, software engines, hardware computing engines and multiple simulation and trading platforms, and all of the resultant mash-ups adaptable to rapidly handling any curve balls thrown by regulators and politicians in the future.

SO if you can make a DLL in C from Simulink, I want to be able to USE it anywhere any when any why anyhow.  Religion, language, or sex discrimination, no, please. Freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, freedom of SourceCode, yes, please.


Big thanks to this commenter for some very valid points!


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