No to Java 7, Trradestation Easy and Multichart Power languages, only Matlab, Microsoft .NET, and c++ for pure quant and HFT

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2013)
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No to Java 7, Trradestation Easy and Multichart Power languages, only Matlab, Microsoft .NET, and c++ for pure quant and HFT
Back to the previous posting about Tradestation from a visitor:
Just to play devil’s advocate: Multicharts also uses easylanguage so it does has a well established open-source component out there, and you would presumably just be using easylanguage as a way to get your DLLs in to the system.  The platform is free if you open an account and make only 10 RT trades a month. It is multi-core 64 bit system and you can run as many instances of your strategy as you want within the platform so you are only limited by memory and processing speed you have available:
Maybe you’re talking about running many servers at once all communicating with each other? In that case then yeah I see your point.
My response:
I only want to work with Matlab, .NET and/or C++. Nothing else including Java 7  for its latest set of security breaches. These other proprietary languages like Tradestation Easy or Multichart Power Languages will limit you in so many ways. I shall not go into in this posting as there are so many postings you can search for. You can go ahead see what I talking about but if you follow my advise, you will save yourself well over a year of wasted development. I wish I had known earlier.
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