Don’t be fooled by those expensive servers for HPC HFT computing from Oracle Sparc or Cray Youtube video shows its the programming

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2013)

Don’t be fooled by those expensive servers for high performance HFT computing from Oracle Sparc, Cray, etc. This Youtube video show its the programming

I just sent this to someone:
It seems you are wanting to spend money on some high end servers. My experience with CUDA is it can only be used for backtesting, not real time analysis trading. Also, these expensive servers are just that, expensive. The performance techniques  all done in your programming:

You will only get this performance in C++ or .NET, Java is quite limited to achieve this.
I use Matlab Simulink to generate code either into C, C++, or FPGA ready if need be. You don’t need to blow your budget on expensive hardware like you listed.
I am learning this from one of the best quants in London UK. I talk with him for many hours per week. He does not hold back on what he knows.
Hope this helps


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