X_Trader from TradingTechnologies review: This trading platform is leading for professionals with a risky business model

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2013)
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X_Trader  from TradingTechnologies review: This trading platform is leading for professionals with a risky business model

X_Trader looks really good with decent and recent review ($1400 approx/month$-1500). Quote Board and Spread Matrix looks interesting. Supports Microsoft .NET within its API. It may be dangerous to depend on propietary strategies when you pay monthly to a software platform. Maybe you can purchase it outright? Used by professional trading houses. Support RTD Server. The FIX adapter looks powerful and easy to set up. Has dedicated servers for algo strategy (ADL=algo design labs), synthetic strategy, and autospreader. No knowledge needed for Autospread Strategy Engine? You can also share synthetic order book and optimized multi-leg hedging. It is multi threaded. The simulator is powerful with its matching engine, and very seamless. It includes risk management capabilities. Alerts and audit trail will be helpful for future growth with X_Risk. With it, you can manage positions, trading monitor, etc. You can dran and drop a FIX implementation. Integrates with popular databases. Trading Technologies supports hosting options.

See if I go with this software as a potential HFT solution

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