Next Premium Member webinar Jan 8, Matlab HFT videos posted, next steps for live trading!

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2013)
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This was sent to all my Premium members today: 
HI fellow members:
Happy New Year to all!
First off, welcome to 2013 and thanks for the continued support for the Premium Membership. You have no need to worry about any rate increases as everyone continues paying their current rate as long as they stay within the membership. All new members will be faced with a 50% increase after Jan 14. I do see further rate increases later in the year as we add further value later in the year with the trading models/strategies as explained below. Also, I will only provide free Q&A consulting to my members. I no longer have the time to support the general public out there for my time, research, results, etc. As a result, the Premium Membership is my primary focus to ensure members reach some level of trading success this year. I have many opportunities brewing which can change things for all involved but I cannot speak of these quite yet as they are still being considered.
A couple of big developments I have been working as you know.
1. First, a huge reminder about next online live event for you guys and gals.
Quant and HFT platform progress Meetup webinar for Premium Members: Jan 8 2013 at 6pm
2. Other events can be viewed at:
Please read and view the following for my latest videos on the HFT potential system within Matlab. I will be talking about this on Jan 8 among other things:
1. Youtube video demo of HFT system with Matlab, Java, IQFeed data capture to analytics to order execution using FIX
3. Youtube Demo of HFT Matlab system with evolutionary learning aka genetic algorithm signal and indicator of RSI Moving Average
4. Youtube Demo of HFT system in Matlab with moving average strategy with plots
Note that the Matlab source code demoed above will be posted in the Membership on Jan 15.
Next steps include Matlab’s Simulink model and trading development. As you know, I have found 2 software components that will be used for the ‘inflow’ functionality of market data from IQFeed. Another is the ‘outflow’ piece which will be used to connect into Interactive Broker’s Trade Workstation client through socket programming capabilities. I can confirm that someone told me that Morgan Stanley does in fact does use Simulink within their environment!
After the Simulink C++ code generation,  I will attempt to plug all three components with a Simulink model generated from Matlab. I may focus on a simple model which is Moving Average which is the most popular model estimation that people voted for at:
Be on the look out for these videos of these two software components which will expedite the development of my live trading system using IQFeed as the market data provider and Interactive Brokers as the trading broker.  I will focus on these to provide details member videos and walkthroughs on these products.
Once complete, I will start focusing on SImulink trading models based on the priority of popularity of the above poll listed.
 So hang on, 2013 could be an exciting year!
NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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