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Deltix is most feature rich HFT quant trading high end platform on the market!

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2013)

Deltix is most feature rich HFT quant trading high end platform on the market!


This is the highest end system of all chosen.

Could be priced between $20K-$90k depending on options

A very cool end to end solutions with ability to see how strategies are performing in real time sounds exciting. You can also monitor P&L and risk in real. Nice! I do consider this a complete a one stop shop. It seems this entire system does handle all instrument types. The model development supports C# or Java and drag/drop capabilities. They claim to offer ‘unparalleled’ performance. This support connectivity to Matlab as well. This does support exchange connectivity with the ability to warehouse financial time series. It has a graph view of all financial data. The QuantOffice looks killer with visual integration with Java, C#, Matlab, or R. It has the same concept as Simulink for underlying C# code generation. CEP is included!

The performance of the charting is extraordinary: it takes mere seconds to back-test all instruments in the S&P500 across years’ of tick data.

QuantOffice is apparently really fast. You can also apply multi periodicites against existing tick data. Bars can be created from times series data. Strategies can be classified into sub accounts. There is a built sophisticated trading strategy simulator. You can easily transfer algorithms to remote servers with QuantServer, Strategies can be automatically set when to start or stop. Cloud services are also offered.

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