Use the power of Matlab webinars on trading rules, model, strategy with genetic algorithm programming for HFT

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2012)

Using the power of Matlab with the links below will help my QuantLabs.net Premium members creating strategies faster with fewer errors. I also have scheduled a private webinar on Dec 18 at 6 PM EST so they can have a better understanding of where I am at with my high frequency trading platform with my CUDA GPU development. You should be part of that conversation as well :

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I have posted some thoughts and notes on filling the gaps of my knowledge of leveraging Matlab to create missing components of my HFT system. Here is what they are:

I would consider these highly important set of links to show you how to build real world algorithmic trading systems with Matlab. This is useful for all ranging from newbies to advanced technicians.

1. Youtube video of Matlab webinars on trading rules, model, strategy with genetic algorithm programming for HFT


2. What I learned from a Matlab webinar for FIX, simulation with complete workflow from data capture to execution of trading strategy


3. Matlab webinar on how to build trading rule or decision engine for market execution with genetic algorithm aka evolutionary learning


So I have firmed the first week of January 2013 to increase the QuantLabs .net Premium Membership rates. It will be a 25% to 50% increase depending on the progress of where I am at that point. As a result, get immediate value and benefit now.

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Membership benefits listed here.

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