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(Last Updated On: December 26, 2012)

Hi there

First, Merry Christmas to all. Over the last few days

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I have some enormous successes but using ‘undocumented’ parts of Matlab which make what I am doing tricky. I am very close to bridging a Java class for IQFeed market data capture for my custom Matlab HFT platform.  Here are the latest updates:

1. Frig! I got software that updates real time market data from IQFeed. Why waste my time programming it?
2.  I think am getting close to finishing this socket programming with Matlab and IQFeed. I want to demo this HFT
3. IQFeed demo of market data feed with Java and Matlab! HFT coming soon still….
4. Video posted on IQFeed real time market data update demo with my 3rd party software
5. I got my Java class, I got my Matlab HFT system with potential listener and callback, let’s merge them
Once I get this goal accomplished, I will report a demo of this HFT once I am confident with it. I even have a live online event for my  Quantlabs.net Premium Membership. GO here for details.

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Thanks Bryan
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