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(Last Updated On: December 9, 2012)
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Read below for details of the presentation of the year with Ernie Chan, myself, and QuantLabs.net. Do understand I will be giving priority access to QuantLabs.net Premium members for this event.

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Ernie Chan is about to present to my Meetup Groups. If you are new to this type of trading including quant, high frequency trading, algos/models, etc, you may want to pay attention to this person. He is easily one of the most important people who convinced me that individuals can do very very well at running their own quant trading operation.Note that 70 Meetup members will be trying to access 25 slots but that is why my Members get early priority access!
Here is some historical info on Ernie Chan::
1. How to run a Quant Business by Ernest Chan posted (Powerpoint PPT presentation)
2. Youtube video of PHD quant Ernie Chan Meetup presention on pitfalls of backtesting for your trading strategies
2. The book from Ernie Chan that will convince you to run an independent trading business using quant analysis
4. Youtube video For HFT and quant! Ernie Chan online Meetup on Pitfalls of Backtesting on Dec 11
Get in on this now! My Premium Members will get the login details well before everyone else. 

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See you online at this event
Thanks Bryan
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