FPGA is not cheap!! Back to CUDA with C++ and Matlab as that is the only affordable solution?

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2012)

FPGA is not cheap!! Back to CUDA with C++ and Matlab as that is the only affordable solution?

Gee…FPGA is not so cheap to work with. Back to the drawing board until I can afford FPGA. Look at the end of this posting to see the prices.


Here are some development FPGA boards to get your started:


They start $800. Ouch.

Some other choices:





What Matlab will support from Altera and Xilinx:


Thr cheapest listed is $1700 at


Other prices were $14k-$30k.This is just for evaluation boards.

This could be an option but no mention of Matlab support


P.S. The thought of FPGA sounded fun until to you see the bill.

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