Why waste your time hand coding your strategy or model for your HFT trading platform’s native programming language?

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2012)

Why waste your time hand coding your strategy or model for your HFT trading platform’s native programming language?

Once again, I am learning how people are hand coding their strategies in their platforms native language like C++, Java or C#. Why would you do that? That is why I am trying to use ways to bridge code from either proven prototyping products or statistical tools. If you want to waste your time hand coding an unproven strategy, go for it. I won’t stop you but it could lead you down the wrong path. In some cases years, or other cases dozens of programmers who get fired due to some guys vision of his potentially unprofitable strategy. Believe me, I have seen it. It isn’t pretty especially when it involves a spouse!  Anyhoo…. I have got two options at my disposal to alleviate this dilemma with my new HFT platform. Don’t ask me about it ’cause I am not going to tell you. You have two choices to follow on this:

1. Search and search and search my blog or anywhere else online. Good luck! Or follow me via my email list or Linked In to get an idea.

2. OR…join my QuantLabs.net Premium membership now to save the time and maybe even your relationship.  Sacrifices may need to be made if you believe in what you believe.

The choice is yours.



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