Steve Cohen of SAC capital is in trouble so change toHedge Fund industry. HFT not to blame as compared to corrupt humans traders

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2012)

Steve Cohen and SAC capital gets Wells Notice from SEC. This could change the Hedge Fund industry for foever. HFT not to blame as compared to corrupt humans traders

Thanks to some greedy little trader who got caught on some massive insider trader for what could be the biggest inside trading case yet. This could implicate the big fish Steve Cohen. Rumors persist he was part of the orders to let his minion trade that  got caught after the big fish ordered the trades. There is a lot of accusation going around like that. Remember the London Big Whale that just went to prison  but some say it was his bosses that should go to jail. We also got the LIBOR issues as well. Hedge fund traders will be changing. Oh what was that about high frequency trading and automated trading again? Computer don’t make mistakes like  this.

If you are one of those whiny retail traders complaining about HFT, you can go back to your cave and cry as you look for a new career.

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