Screw Microsoft on their Windows and IIS for this Redis Admin GUI tool for Windows 7 on your Linux Server

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2012)

Screw Microsoft on their Windows and IIS for this  Redis Admin GUI tool for Windows 7 on your Linux Server

Just thought this may be useful for someone but I now look for other simpler choices. God. Why can’t their be any easier solutions!?!?!

To get your Virtualbox Ubuntu environment running, follow:


Just ensure to run the Guess Additions on your Linux virtual machine

You should be able to ping it from your Windows in a DOS command prompt

Download this forr WIndows which is Redis Admin UI


Need to run IIS Monitor and follow INTALL In the package


Note install and deploy IIS


For Windows 7:


Don’t forget to your start Redis Server on your Linux

All in all this is damn fustrating to to start IIS on Windows! Compared to Linux, this blows. I get this error described here but cannot be bothered to screw with my Windows environment. Screw Microsoft!



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