Online Meetup: TAQTIQA; Intro and overview of high frequent market data info structure

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2012)

TAQTIQA; Intro and overview of high frequent market data info structure


For: Nov 12 at 7PM EST


Company URL:




Presentation Outline:

The presentation will start with an outline how Taqtiqa came about.

Next will be an overview of the product and service offerings.

Specific focus will be on describing use cases in the analysis of

high-frequency financial market data, use cases which Taqtiqa’s

products and services are intended to enable.

Finally, there will an overview of the Rest-API as it currently stands.


Company bio:

TAQTIQA LLC is a startup focused on providing “Scalable market data


The specific niche is providing complete historical tick-by-tick trade

and quote datasets and the infrastructure to serve these datasets,

while minimizing capital expenditure and operating expenses.


Taqtiqa LLC was founded by Mark Van de Vyver.

Mark holds a distinction Ph.D. in Finance from the University of

Western Australia,

supervised by Prof Ross Maller (ANU). He also holds a first class

honors Bachelor of Business,

in Finance and Economics from the University of Technology, Sydney.



Note: This is an online Meetup through GotoMeeting





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