How to build Beowulf cluster aks HPC for Open MPI C++ apps like HFT with R with RCPP RInside package on Debian Linux #rstats #linux

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2012)

How to build Beowulf cluster aks HPC for Open MPI C++ apps like HFT with R with RCPP RInside  package on Debian Linux #rstats #linux

Install Debian Etch from: and follow first CD install instructions:


Install Debian Virtual Machines in Virtual Box as usual


Go with all default options.  You can always clone  a second  client VM to create a slave.

Set up hostname and configure network via: (choose the static address  not DHCP)


Note that you could loose network connectivity soo add an additional Network Adapter with Bridged Adapter for each VM. within the Virtual Box setting. so see next step

Ensure each VM has network adapter setting to Virtual Box Host Only


Create NFS for both virtual machines as server and client:


Note: When  editing exports on the server with:

/home ,sync,no_root_squash)



Note that 101 is the client!. ALso, I have when I try to auto mount during boot on the client, it would hang. I just created a shell script to do the mounts manually when you boot.  I just called this /etc/mountmaster.sh


If you need to add users do:


You should be able to proceed with the following set up of your Beowulf cluster:


To understand nad configure ssh connections with no passowrd, use:

SSH your Debian servers without password

This could be useful http://wiki.debian.org/SSH but note it uses RSA not DSA

If confused, use this next one but remember the ssh server is the Open MPI slave while client is the Open MPI since it logins into the Open MPI slave.




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