Holy HFT!! C++ Open MPI possible with Nvidia CUDA boards of 3072 cores priced $999! #cuda #openmpi #hft

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2012)

Holy HFT!! C++ Open MPI possible with Nvidia CUDA boards of 3072 cores priced $999! #cuda #openmpi #hft
Basic coding tutorial:
Step by step in Ubuntu
MPI in 30 minutes
I had to fiddle with the environment variables and paths to fit my Ubuntu environment.
Check that mpicc is a wrapper for the gcc
CUDA and Open MPI so this means code could be ready for CUDA (not so hard as first thought)

Click to access heavner.pdf

Types of Nvidia CUDA card to buy
Note: GeForce GTX 690 high end 64x speedup with 3072 CUDA cores!! 4096 MB of RAM is $999
GeForce GTX 680 48x 1536 cores 2048 MB at $ 449

NOTE: Open MPI is one of the leading MPI-2 implementations used by many of the TOP 500 Supercomputers.

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