R and Hadoop for parallel processing Youtube video posted, Redis still top contender for HFT, and more trading model walkthroughs

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2012)

Hi there,
The R and Hadoop for parallel processing presentation from last night is now posted here.
This brings me to my next point as I seem to be corrected on my view of Oracle TimesTen in memory database solution. As a great community Quantlabs.net has become, one highly experienced visitor has corrected me on my way stating this database might not be fast enough. After thorough digging into MongoDB and legacy Berkeley DB, it appears Redis appears still to be a top contender for any new HFT/automated trading system potential.  More info on that here.

Now, I will deal with all the above in a month or so as my priority has been to provide my Premium Members a complete set of R script source walkthroughs with a private video for each. As you can imagine, this is pretty exhaustive but I have all the major model/strategy forecasting types ranging from moving average, pairs trading, ARMA, GARCH to MCMC. The latest set of source links have been posted but this is only available for my members. Many webinars will be presented on this in coming weeks.

Lastly, join me and other members on my first of these series on Oct 23. Join now to get the instant access this membership to have the privilege of what I learn but be the first to get working R scripts with a complete walkthrough video of it.  Next up will be the popular GARCH methods.

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Got questions, let me know
Thanks Bryan

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