Online Meetup for Quant Fnnance Members: Monte Carlo Methods – A Primer

(Last Updated On: October 24, 2012)

Online Meetup for Quant Fnnance Members: Monte Carlo Methods – A Primer
Presenter: Alon Honig
Mote Carlo methods are best known for their applicability in finance
where they play a pivotal role in risk management.
Less acknowledged applications of these methods include electronic
circuits, biological drugs, and computer animations. This presentation
will cover what Monte Carlo Methods are, the sorts of problems they
are best at solving, and how you can create your own Monte Carlo
methods. The presentation will focus on the application of Monte Carlo
methods and is suitable to those with less quantitative experience.
Preparing questions about this subject before the presentation
is encouraged.

Alon is currently an Associate for AonHewitt working within the
Analytics Group of the Health and Benefits practice. In addition to
his corporate role he provides statistical consulting services to
small business with a focus on the Financial Services sector. He is
also an active member of the Toronto Association of Business and

Before joining AonHewitt he had held positions in the Government,
Non-Profit and Healthcare sectors. Born in California, Alon holds a
Masters degree in economics from the University of Toronto where he
focused on Financial Econometrics. He also holds a Bachelors in
Financial Economics from the University of Western Ontario where he
specialized in International Finance.


Note that this is an online presentation through GotoMeeting



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