My review of the latest in Windows 8, .NET 4.5 framework features, Visual Studio 2012, C# features

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2012)

My review of the latest in Windows 8, .NET 4.5 framework features, Visual Studio 2012, C# features

So I was at a recent Toronto Net User Group where I was part of a presentation on the latest tools and changes in the .NET languages like C#.

Visual Studio 2012

There are some interesting  features within this Integrated Development Environment but there are some annoying parts I don’t like. Many complain about the gray tone but to change it feels like you need to go on an Easter Egg hunt to load a new template. There are some cool features including their tablet touch simulator which I have seen from within Nokia simulators. Another neat feature is the story boarding but you need to get a paid version for it. This would mean you need to purchase the Professional or Ultimate versions. A major benefit of Visual Studio 2012 is the backward compatibility capability to 2010. Nice! But you cannot expect your project to be backward compatible to Windows XP. Microsoft may have slowed their sales cycles of these new .NET products as many enterprises operations are still on XP.

.NET 4.5 framework

From a developers perspective, I do think that there is this promise of installing .NET 4.5 updates and replacing your .NET 4 DLLs and other runtime dependencies. In the olden days, .NET 3 apps would reside side by side with older .NET versions. The presenter fairly stated that many large industries are holding back on these Windows 8/.NET 4.5 upgrades because of this feature which could wipe out  or adversely affect  .NET applications. Major industries are holding back until they see certification of these new features. As a result, that might be a smart play by Microsoft as they ‘promise’ that all .NET 4.5 will be compatible with NET 4.0. As the audience bursted out in laughter, one person asked can you really believe the promises of Microsoft? Enter sarcasm here.

The new Async features in languages like C# with Task, await, etc reminds me of classic Java 6. Maybe it is just a catch up without ripping off the exact reserved keywords when it came to copying some of the features of older Java versions. Nonetheless, these features are pretty close to the multi tasking features of Java

This new update with JIT (Just in Time) compiler is interesting. I never worked with this feature within Java, but it sounds familiar. Once the code goes into runtime, it will optimize the compiled code into the target system regardless if is multi or single core. There are other external tools you can run on the target system before install your application. Microsoft has enabled new automatic features from the Visual Studio build to include this feature. It will get interesting if this works or yet scammers can find a way to exploit this as a security concern. All within the new Windows 8?

And yes, the world still awaits for a new Mobile and Table set of SDKs. I would have those were sent out months ago.

The new Windows 8

Now you are talking to someone who really has never seen some of the benefits of Windows 8. I have heard lots of things but to see it in action is a real first for. I say this as I only focus on my current development for those that follow me but I can assure .NET is not a priority at this point. Anyhow, I saw the Metro apps which I must say are quite genius. I am sure someone at Apple is thinking of how to improve that even further.

My take

All in all, I do think Microsoft has made great strides but they still fall in short in many areas that make developers like  me go crazy.  Currently, I see this cat and mouse game of securing Windows 8 but with the new features they add, scammer s will always find new ways to exploit the new features of within the .NET build process. All in all, Windows 8 could never be as secure as Microsoft wants you to believe. I am sure it is an improvement but….we will see the headlines in the news as with the latest in Internet Explorer 10.

Also, their mentality of paying for certain cooler features is still there. This is what kills Microsoft as a company with this arrogance. When you compare solid open source IDEs like Eclipse or Netbeans, I have yet to pay for any extra features  I  want. So why  I do need to pay for the storyboard feature in a paid version of Visual Studio? Seriously Microsoft? Can you not think of why your company is losing relevancy in today’s market. That could have been a Steve Ballmer idea so I guess you could say he needs to go.

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