Introducing our first R market forecasting model on ARIMA , Coming soon: Moving average, pair trading, mean reversion, etc

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2012)

HI there
I am now entering a new phase of focusing on nothing but market trading model and strategy development. I have been knee deep in the weeds with many forecasting models including ARIMA, ARMA, and GARCH. In fact, I am hosting my own online event to introduce an ARIMA forecasting  model in R.
This will be an online event happening this Tues Oct 23 at 7pm!
Details include:
This is pretty well our first compete end to end R script strategy that includes real world market data capture, parallelizing processes with a complete model with plotting. As ARIMA is one of the most popular forecasting model types out there, I look at the various types of parameters used in auto-regression with p (AR)and q (moving average) parameters. I also show a custom function that can be used to auto fit this including parallelizing. It is important when to test for a stationary time series and when to differentiate it. I also show which R package to use to run an ARIMA processed simulation with proper prediction. End result plots are also generated.
This will be only for Premium Members so join now to get the instant access now to be registered and get the login details!
Got questions or feedback on this, let me know
Thanks Bryan

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