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(Last Updated On: October 8, 2012)

Hi there

I have posted some GotoMeeting login details for this week’s upcoming Online Meetups that include:

R and Hadoop in Parallel Processing, End of Carry Trade, and our Social Meetup in Downtown Toronto. Go here for the details. There will be some private ones for my Premium Members as well so go here for the complete schedule!

Also, upcoming is a complete suite of all my GARCH analysis which is one of the most popular ways to forecast the markets. I will be doing a live webinar for my members on this in coming weeks!!

I have also posted a complete set of URLs for what I think is the best ways to analyze moving average, pairs trading, and co integration. This includes R script with an eventual source code walkthrough video for my members. It does not stop there as I will have a complete set of live webinars on these topics for my members as well. You could save so much time and disappointing heartache with this!

You get my message? You should not be missing out on this QuantLabs.net membership private party as we are nearing our proprietary secretive stage of all this as I have been tasked to helping out very private and secretive Swiss and Chinese hedge fund start ups.

Join now before our monthly rates get crazy to continue learning on how I proceed in helping out these young firms.


As usual, got question or comments, let me know



P.S. Here is a complete set of benefits on why you should join!

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