Do I dump Redis due to minimal C++ support and community? Go with Berkeley DB versus SQLite

(Last Updated On: October 30, 2012)

Do I dump Redis due to minimal C++ support? Goto Berkeley DB versus SQLite

I have spent numerous hours trying to figure out how to implement a solution of Redis bulk insert using C++. I was introduced to pipelining which looked promising but there are no tutorial or proper C++ examples. This is where it gets scary as I I can confirm that Redis may be fine for other languages like Java. I don’t going down this path at all so I am now looking at other options for C++.  They include SQLite or Berkeley DB.

As for SQLite, this is not promising as I was reading on their site how other processes will need to wait while inserts are happening. That was somewhere on the SQLite.org site but they said, this not a big deal. Haha. Right for HFT!

“The performance of SQLite in concurrent write-intensive applications is limited to one thread.”


Then we come to BDB. There seems to be some decent tutorials around. I also read it handles better with multiple clients or processes for inserting. This is more encouraging so I will give that a try. It seems more geared towards C++ as Redis clients are not supported as much with the exception of hiredis. I just wish it was better documented for this pipelining. It had so much promise.

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