Q&A on automated historical back testing, cheap tick data help, use of models, and technical vs quant analysis

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2012)
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Q&A on automated historical back testing, cheap tick data help, use of models, and technical vs quant analysis

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Hey Bryan


Would you be kind to point to where I can understand what these models are about,

what they can do and what possible pitfalls with such modeling (especially in these politicized markets)?


–> I have a general how to a be a quant as these models are part of this picture

I am unsure of your question on: with such modeling. All I can say 80% of all trades in NYSE are done using algo which are driven by these models


Context for asking: My main goal is to become a good discretionary trader and only second to be a quant (for the above reason).

–> technical and funamental trading is becoming old school. I think algos will get the better fills on smaller retail/discretionary traders

But would love to know what quant models can do specifically – if I had a better idea I’d refocus my efforts maybe

–> this is an ongoing process as I am starting with ARIMA followed by GARCH model types


Also, I heard you mention about availability of historical tick data.

Where can I find 2-3 years worth of currencies and futures please??


I have some serious backtesting to do and need to do market replay in NinjaTrader and can find no

affordable data so far back.

–> You can use other automated ways of doing this through other open source trading platforms


Please advise


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