A complete Q&A from a potential quant member about Detlix, back testing, ticks, strategies, and trading platform

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2012)

A complete Q&A from a potential quant member about Detlix, back testing, ticks, strategies, and trading platform

A potential member and visitor asked the following:

(Answers followed by my ->)

Writing this email to check some assumptions and ask some questions.


Am a rather new trader with math and 15 years of complex software


Looking to become a profitable trader both discretionary and automated.


Very interested to use models you talk about on the site.

Looking to put some money to work.

Not afraid of hard work but must be profitable and not do it to satisfy

my software development and self education thirst.


–> Sure we want all that but no one can ever guarantee profitability


Would you say one can be profitable with the strategies and models your

group uses?

Are there such existing strategies that bring profits now?


–> I am about to start this analysis but this will take weeks (or months) but again, no one can ever guarantee profits. As profits prove themselves, it will add value to my membership which will then result higher monthly rates


Would you say they are production ready and able to trade real money?

If not then what does it take to take them there?


–> everything is production ready but again you will need to optimize the strategy code to your liking and trading goals. What I show is a foundation for now. My private member only webinars will show how to do this


Can you please tell me more about your business goals so I can better

gauge¬†how I’d fit and help?


–> Like everybody profits but I am going slow and steady to understand each step of the way in great detail


More questions below if you care to answer them.





1. Have you used NinjaTrader? I have some indicators useful for my

discretionary trading and would like to

reverse engineer & port them to a platform with better back testing


Can you do this (reverse engineering) or others in your group?

–> I don’t use other platforms after long time learning, I would recommend working with your chosen broker’s API instead as that will save time in the long run


Not very sophisticated: fib lines, ATR based trend indicators, etc.


2. Do you use advanced strategy development tools like alphacet and



–> I have been offered these but I am not interested in anything blackbox

I am looking at Deltix and it is pretty awesome.

Would you care to consider it for the group? (we’d share the costs)

–> I am not sure if this can be done in terms of having 70+ members sharing one license


Costs a lot per month due to expensive tick based data feeds but feels

very powerful.


3. What kind of strategies and models do you use?


– trend following

– counter trend

– breakout

– order-flow based

– tick data based

– volume based

– sentiment based (like ravenpack)


–> most will be quant based but the focus will be in order of priority of the results of this



If not then you interested in the above?


4. What data feed you use?

Tick or not?


–> both put prefer tick for live analysis but back testing needs bar


5. What backtesting tools, data feed and practices do you use?

–> I will be using parts of an open source HFT platform which has this in an automated way


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