The 3 rules of success with an algorithmic trading platform

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2012)

Hi there,

Which algorithmic trading platform do you want to use?

Do you use Ninja Trader? Metatrader? Tradestation? Or some other retail investment and trading brokerage trading platform?

If so, that’s bad news. Did you know …

* Most of these platforms don’t really give you an advantage over anyone else?

* Your broker is nothing more than a glorified maket maker?

* Your broker probably sends out orders to trade against your order?

* Your trading broker probably wants you to be unprofitable because they’re taking the other side of your trades?

That’s why you’re probably not doing as well as you’d hoped in the markets. Most traders lose money over time. So why are you using what most traders use?

So I’ll lay it out as clearly as I can: any of these trading platforms and trading brokers are nothing but a racket to make you think that you’re profiting but most likely they’re holding you back from your real true profits. You really are trading against the wind.

In order to really profit

1. You need to be unique with your approach and strategies

2. Your trading algos need to run through an alternative trading platform (preferably an open transparent non-blackbox trading platform)

3. You have to ensure your models are proprietary and secret

That’s what gives you your edge. And Quantlabs.net is the only site that can give it to you.
We don’t sell any trading platforms. We have no vested interest in any stock brokerage. We only provide a community of private members who are very good at what they do — most actually work in the banking industry!

It’s our own secret society. You can share information and soak up lessons like a sponge, and yet no one else knows exactly how you’re trading.

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Here’s a list of the entire membership benefits as well.

Good trading,
Quantlabs.net Editor
“Those that know, don’t tell. Until now.”

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