Secret unknown reasons why tweaking the Linux kernel for your ultra high frequency trading and low frequency quant analysis

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2012)

Here is a comment posted at one my Youtube videos:

You have few good points. I don’t know why Security is not an issue for you. I’m a Linux guy and I don’t agree on that. As you said building from Linux kernel is a complicated and we have limited number of linux engineers. Also, we do not need all system calls of Linux kernel either. Tweak the kernel too. Just to add, we could even tweak the network packet, cut of few headers in the packet and improve the performance by a fraction of millisecond.

My respons at this current time:

Thanks for your excellent points. I never thought of these for a Linux kernal but it makes total sense. As for security, Windows is always a concern for security but it seems at this point I need to focus on strategy side vs the platform or or OS right now.

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