AAPL: Apple’s Future Products with Ipad and Iphone 5 Won’t Fall Far From The Profit Tree

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2012)

AAPL: Apple’s Future Products with Ipad and Iphone 5 Won’t Fall Far From The Profit Tree
It doesn’t take an idiot to divine that an investment in Apple could see a definite bounce come early September. What happens then? They’re releasing what’s potentially their biggest revenue maker in their product suite.

I am of course talking about the upcoming iPhone 5 or whatever they’re going to call it. iPhone represents over half their revenue and there’s a huge upswing in demand from Asian markets like China.  According to various sources including Bloomberg, Reuters, and Yahoo, the release date could be September 12.


Many traders will line up their buys come September 11. That’s sheep herd mentality and therefore I would prefer to avoid such a move. Instead, buy in now as the market tumbles. You can’t regret buying into the dips as the pops can be quite extreme. Take a look at the most recent bounce in late July: the stock rebounded over $20 in less than two weeks.


Can you imagine what kind of pop we’ll see around September 12?

Apple knows they need to bring out some future hit products in the post-Jobs era. This includes an iPad Mini for those on a budget — that will help them stay competitive against those cheap Asian Android tablets. Also, Apple will take on traditional cable TV carriers with the new Apple TV product which may be released for Christmas.

And so the company that Jobs built continues to innovate and diversify to stay ahead of their competitors. This means I consider Apple a decent stock to watch over the short term — and buy on dips —  until Christmas season and beyond.

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