3 reasons why the Redis NOSQL database could save you $100,000 with HFT

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2012)

3 reasons why the Redis NOSQL database could save you $100,000 with HFT

Hi there,

I’ve just created a time-saving 2-part tutorial that revolves around a high-end, very quick in-memory database called Redis.

The key benefits:

* User-Friendly: Redis incorporates NoSQL and it’s very modern, scalable and straightforward to work with. Other NoSQL databases often drive you nuts because there’s so little client programming language support for your trading applications!

* True Automated Trading: Redis enables complete, very intelligent platform communication between each component. Human intervention is completely minimized. This is true automated and systematic trading at its best.

* No Cost To You: All the technology used is free and open source. There’s no horrid blackbox trading as compared to high-end commercial — and expensive — products and platforms. You have total control over all aspects in your trading. Never worry again about what’s happening in that little blackbox!

In two of these videos, I’ve demonstrated how to get Redis interacting efficiently with Microsoft’s C# and Java programming languages. Why these ones? Because the 3 core applications of my HFT (high-frequency trading) platform are developed in these languages. This includes my open source trading platform, market exchange simulator, and stock screener.

Video Part 1 with C# and Redis:

Video Part 2 with Java and Redis

One of the major benefits of being a QuantLabs.net Premium Member is learning the best way to begin fully automated trading using open source applications at no further cost! As compared to Matlab, this is literally going to save you $100,000+++.

This is why it pays (really pays!) to become a Premium member. You’ll immediately understand how myself and high-level directors and senior VPs in large investment banks do it.

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Want to know more? Here’s a tour of what membership offers you:


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