Why you’ll never see a discount on a Quant Premium membership

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2012)

Why you’ll never see a discount on a Quant Premium membership

Hi there,

As part of a growing community of indie quant traders.

This is pretty easy to explain. View this Youtube video to see why the current rate is already dirt cheap:


The key points:

* a huge file downloads section with 967 MB of material

* a huge Resource section with the latest items being R code walkthroughs

* 2 huge courses: our High Frequency Trading Platform/MATLAB and QuantLib courses

* another course: the Algorithm and Strategy Development course

* and that’s still not everything on offer!

That’s why our membership is growing at a nice pace right now.

And remember, once we’re done with the ongoing model R code walkthroughs, we’ll start learning about the ideal open source trading platform in Linux and C++. We’ll demo its clustering and parallelization capabilities using open source too.

Even better: we’ll include a complete evaluation of which model forecasting techniques show the most profit potential.

And we’re in the midst of getting our public and private membership webinars going to build a strong community.

If all this *still* isn’t enough for you to join at the current highly affordable rate, maybe quant trading just isn’t for you. After all, you’ll never make money in trading if you’re not willing to make a little investment.

So we don’t discount.

But we *will* be increasing the rates exponentially as we will start focusing on the higher end market that’s willing to pay $100 per month for our service. Don’t believe this exists? Please visit this survey and check the results.


So consider the membership *already* discounted quite heavily. Because as things move forward, the rate *will* be going up.

Key point: Once you join, you’ll continue paying that rate for as long as you remain a member. No increases for you, no matter what the current (higher) rate at that time.

— > Get immediate access here. <–

Good trading,
Quantlabs.net Editor
“Those that know, don’t tell. Until now.

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