Why you will never see discounts to our quant membership on learning trading technology, algo, strategy, and model development?

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2012)

Why you will never see discounts to our quant membership on learning trading technology, algo, strategy, and model development?

successful indie traders!! I get comments or queries like this below all time:

Can I get access to your site for the first month for $25 (4 kids!)?
I’m pretty new to the quant-level work … think your stuff might be temporarily way over my head. Not sure what value it’s going to bring me or if it will just be complete overload, but I would like to start into it with earnest.
If I can get into it, I think the $75 monthly fee or whatever it was would be very much worth it and I could justify it.
Let me know? Thanks,This is pretty easy to explain. View this video at Youtube to see how our dirt cheap rate for our grand tour of the membership:

First of all, we never put a gun to your head to join. Neither do we do hard sells for people to join. Our membership is growing at a nice pace. Once we get past our model R code walkthroughs, the membership will start learning about our selected and potential open source trading platform in Linux and C++. We will also demo the clustering and parallelization capabilities using open source. Also, we will include a a complete evaluation on what model forecasting techniques will show the most profitable potential. If all these items are still not enough to join for the highly affordable rate, well maybe you should either get out of trading or just walk into a casino. You will never make money in trading if you are not willing to make a little investment. Pretty simple I would think. We are in the midst of getting our public and private membership webinars going as well in order to build a community.  As you can tell, we don’t discount but will be increasing the rates exponentially as we will start focusing on the higher end market that are willing to pay $100 per month for our service. Don’t believe me this exists? Please visit this survey to see the results. http://quantlabs.net/surveys/

So consider the member ship already discounted quite heavily as It moves forward, the rate will be going up. Once you join, you will continue paying that rate forever as long as you remain a member. Plus, our payment administrator platform does not allow us to discount anyhow. We can only offer coupons but there may be a rare promotional offer during our public webinars so you will need to be an active participant to know about those. Find info like that by jolning our Meetup group. http://www.meetup.com/quant-finance/

Hope this helps

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