Unprofitable with Metatrader MT4 or Ninja Trading modelling or expert indicators EAs? Corrupt forex broker suggestions?

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2012)

Unprofitable with Metatrader MT4 or Ninja Trading  modelling or expert indicators EAs? Corrupt forex broker suggestions?

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Someone sent me questions on this requestting to see more:

> Hi..
>  I need more info
>  – This system/model works on Forex and MT4 ?

–> Metatrader only limits you to one data connection and execution. These are tied into probably a broker you don’t even know that is trading against you see below. The data could be questioned as well. See below. Platforms like Ninja and Metatrader are severely limited. They are called black boxes which I don’t like or support. I only use open source trading platforms which my membership knows about.

>  – Wich broker are you recommended?

–> One that I like is Interactive Brokers and a few others. Others I cannot mention are corrupt. They will send out trades to work against you. These are called bucket shops. If I mention them by name, I ame sure I would get some lawyer after me. Just do your research! http://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/bucketshop.asp
>  – Is this type or trading allowing by brokers?

–> Is your broker registered? If not, find one as they have to play by the rules.
>  – Are the some specific system working already?

–> Sure I am working on that
>  – How much profit in pips can I get ?
–> I am not sure.
>  Thanks in advance..



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