Note: MongoDB Open Source Database – Toronto Meetup

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2012)

Note: MongoDB Open Source Database – Toronto Meetup

Hey Bryan,

I’m hosting a Free event dedicated to the open source database, MongoDB sponsored by my company 10gen. If you’re unfamiliar, MongoDB is a database that’s used by hundreds of startups around the globe, like foursquare, chartbeat, wordnik, github, showclix–and a few fortune 500 companies. MongoDB is awesome for startups because it’s an agile, open source solution that’s easy to scale out.

We are bringing some engineers down to Toronto on August 2nd to do a meetup, since the enthusiasm for MongoDB was so infectious in other cities. I’ve been trying to spread the word, and I’d love some help! we’d love to help startups grow in Toronto and we think MongoDB is the way to go for keeping your data! Would you be able to help me spread the word!

Here are the details

Here is the link: http://www.10gen.com/events/mongodb-toronto

Here are the details: August 2nd, 6-10 PM
Longbranch Co-Working Space
3299 Lake Shore Blvd. W.
Toronto, ON M8W 1M8

Thanks for your help!! Cheers!


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