New online Meetup scheduled Matlab ATS trading platform. Other potentials include R intro, NOSQL clustering, foward strategy testing

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2012)

Hi there

A new series of Meetups are under way.

The first takes place this Tue Jul 31 at 7pm.
Matlab ATS Trading System Demo

Matlab ATS Trading System Demo

Tuesday, Jul 31, 2012, 7:00 PM

No location yet.

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This will be demonstrated via GotoMeeting online. This will have an upper limit of 25 people. Details will follow on the actual presentation.Topic:We will discuss on the presentation which I sent you the other day, but on focusing in some  specific parts of it. We will focus on the tools and the strategies rationale, (some of them), just to show …

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Other topics include:
1.     Quick R intro to newbie traders that are joining the community.
2.    Potential walk forward strategy
3.    My cluster demo using a NOSQL solution to speed up R algo simulations

I am still waiting for the local overpaid politicians to see if they will grant me access to downtown Toronto’s Metro Hall for future presentations. I can pretty well say the public libraries are no longer an option because of the big expense. All of the above are free webinars for those that are part of my groups within Meetup.com.

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For those that may be interested, I am now hosting commercial private online webinars for my company’s Membership. If interested, get in touch at feedback@quantlabs.net Our next one is Mon Jul 30 at 7PM EST with a talk about the open source trading platform we are using.
Hope this helps everyone out,

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