Moving averages and quant analysis … plus our newest Q&A feature!

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2012)

Hi there

I’ve just posted 4 videos on moving averages you’ll want to see.

They cover everything from simple moving averages to exponential moving averages … simple strategies … comparisons using different performance metric plots … forex applications for a very popular trading pair … and performance metrics of one simple moving average with and without a volatility filter. There’s even a walk-through of a simple moving average using different time periods with and without VIX (also known as the market’s “fear factor”).

Each video is 15-20 minutes long. So you’re getting over 1 hour of tutorials all featuring R as the open source programming statistical tool.

And that’s why traders like you are joining QuantLabs.net as a Premium member.

To really being applying quant methods quickly, you need to understand modeling with a popular open-source programming tool. That’s what this detailed (and growing) list of video walkthroughs is all about: Monte Carlo simulations … Markov Chains … Autoregressive (AR(1)) and GARCH forecasting … ARIMA forecasting … Pairs Trading … and more!

You also need to understand HFT (high-frequency trading), which is why I put together a comprehensive course featuring 72 different algorithms and 13 separate lessons.

Plus numerous software project solutions for trading and analysis including 30+ daily trading models and an open-source database manager.

We’re also launching public and private webinars that demonstrate shortcuts and tips for various vendor proudcts. And highly-specialized, intensive and interactive webinars hosted over Skype to cover the quant topics YOU want.

Our newest feature: I’ve just added a new capability for members to ask each other questions similar to http://stackexchange.com/ … the community is growing fast.

In fact, it’s no exaggeration that I’m adding premium members virtually every day now. Why not become one of them today?

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Good trading,
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“Those that know, don’t tell. Until now.”

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