How to customize Matlab with Mean Reversion Forecasting just the way you want it for juicy PROFITS

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2012)

Hi, Brian here!

I’ve just finished a video posting for Quantlabs.net Premium members
you’ll want to know about.

It includes a full analysis of popular market forecasting technique
called Mean Reversion in Matlab source code.¬† It’s not a straightforward algorithm. In fact, my analysis includes mathematical¬† techniques such as ordinary least
squares, maximum likelihood, and simple linear regression with various
popular Greek parameters. For instance, using parameters Sigma,
Lambda, and the like helps you instantly calculate the exact
coefficients you need.

I also provide plots that show which estimation technique works best
for specific mean reversion processes. Now you can determine which
technique suits your personal needs the best. Get precisise estimation to!

So I invite you to become part of my Quantlabs.net Premium
membership to get this video walk-through and the others I’ve created
including GARCH, ARIMA, PCA, Markov Chains and Monte Carlo
Not to mention open source software projects and other
algorithm courses too!

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Bryan Downing
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