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(Last Updated On: July 30, 2012)
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Hi there,

I just wanted to inform you that I’ve posted a new set of R scripts (with walkthrough video) that enables you to do complete pairs trading.

It’s no ordinary tutorial. This R source code is quite ingenious when compared to a project sample I’ve seen. With this code, you can do pairs trading while testing for co-integration. That’s very powerful!

Especially when you can find trading pairs across all the S&P 500 stock symbols. It takes a while to generate (20 or 30 minutes), but it displays different concord integration trading pairs. This means you can profit off the spread.

This is much easier and much simpler to use than certain examples. And as a special bonus I’ve included another way of doing pair trading without any R packages at all. You can can use direct calls to Yahoo Finance to find your combined training pair.

Now that’s another major trading edge over other market participants.

And there’s more to come — and it gets even better. Here’s all the new stuff that’s going live right now or within the next few weeks:

1.    A  new Q&A section for building community. Just press Q? or Q’s at the top of the Private section to get started. If you’re working on something and need an answer from another member (or me), we can all help each other out.

2.    Membership webinars are under way. I’ll send out a schedule once they’re set.

3.    More and more R/Matlab model coding walkthroughs have been posted. These include the most popular techniques you’ve asked for after I sifted through recent poll results.

4.    The best trading platform has been finally confirmed so look out for demos on integrating with R for the new models.

5.    Demos will be shown for our upcoming private network with an internal cluster for parallelizing heavy number crunching simulations within these models.

6.    After that, an exhausting comparison will be under way to focus on most profitable models.

7.    And finally, we’ll be embarking upon an aggressive paper trading campaign with the above technology and models once built.

Join today, and you’ll get it all for a ridiculously low $42.50 a month. That rate is guaranteed for as long as you remain a member. Even after the price rises dramatically due to the expanded features.

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Good trading,
Bryan Editor
“Those that know, don’t tell. Until now.”

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