Zeptonics launches the lowest latency switch for HFT purposes

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2012)

Zeptonics launches the lowest latency switch for HFT purposes


The new Aussie vendor is developing a line of low-latency hardware. Zeptonics, a new Sydney-based vendor, today announced production of ZeptoMux, a switching device with a latency of around 130 nanoseconds, which it claims is…


Congrats to the new Aussie vendor for the product launching. Looks promising.


This was done by removing the content addressable memory (CAM) circuitry that allows any port on a switch to communicate with any other port. CAMs substantially affect latency. Without it, this 10GbE 23-to-1 multiplexing switch is optimized for trading applications.”


“This n-to-1 structure is ideally suited to an exchange or broker’s needs, where often this is the desired paradigm: An exchange wants to be able to communicate with JPMorgan or Goldman Sachs, but doesn’t want them to be able to talk to each other through the exchange’s network.”


“Using an Endace 9.2X2 data acquisition and generation card, Zeptonics measured its latency at 130 nanoseconds in the client–upstream direction, and 123 nanoseconds in the upstream–client direction.”


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