Source Code R walkthrus of GARCH, AR(1), forecasting, volatility, Monte Carlo, Markov Chains, Dynamic Linear Models coming soon

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(Last Updated On: June 19, 2012)

Source Code R walkthrus of GARCH, AR(1), forecasting, volatility, Monte Carlo, Markov Chains, Dynamic Linear Models coming soon

Are you one of those people who’d rather work smart than work hard



I have just the solution for you. I’m busily creating recorded code walkthrough videos as we speak. All R code is supplied in each video.


You *will* save valuable time. You *will* master key topics much faster than on your own. This gives you more hours to focus on advanced trading strategies designed to actually generate profits.


There’s no wasted time or “filler”. Each video averages has intense tutorial instruction.


Key topics featured in their own walkthrough include:


* Monte Carlo simulations


* Stochastic Volatility


* Markov Chain


* Autoregressive (AR(1)) and GARCH forecasting


* Bootstrapping


* Dynamic Linear Modeling


Remember, you’re not only getting the actual code, but I’m explaining it to you step-by-step. How it works, why it’s done *this* way and not *that* way, the best shortcuts, where else it can be used, and so forth.


Get access to the current videos now and be the first to grab the new ones as I post them:





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Good trading,




P.S. If you’re not familiar, R is totally free as it’s open source. You don’t need expensive proprietary software packages to work with it. Volatility forecasting, pairs trading, cointegration, estimating, simulation, and much more. It’s all coming ASAP!

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