Newbie traders will be crushed by HFT and machines when the market turns, learn how to preserve capital and earn explosive profits

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2012)
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Newbie traders will be crushed by HFT and machines when the market turns, learn how to preserve capital and earn explosive profits

So I was at another Meetup event which was meant for traders and their trading strategies. This group was full of newbie s which of course includes me. A lot of them also seem to think they can just make millions by pushing buttons or following everyone else. FAIL! One thing to remember in order to succeed, you will need to research to develop unique but valuable automated/systemic trading strategies. This is not the easy part which is what I have been learning for the last number of years. It seems you will need to automate your trades to get in and out within the lowest latency possible. Machines represent over 80% of all volume on the American markets. It seems to me you either need to join or get out of the way before they will crush you. Many might not believe it or want to come to terms with it, but truly this is the future of trading. If you buy into the same black box systems like the rest of the masses (probably in the millions), you are no different than sheep getting slaughtered when the market turns. So why use a platform like Ninja or Meta trader? People do not know how limiting it really is let alone how corrupt the brokers are who support these platforms. Also, learn how to program and do advanced math. It will save you in the end if you want to preserve your capital and potential profits even in a down market.

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