Important Videos Coming: R source code for SMA system, Manage position size, Optimize parameters, plot performance metric

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2012)

Hi there,

Due to popular demand, I’m doing a second quant trading video posting featuring crucial R scripts you need in your HFT (and other quant) trading arsenal. Altogether, it’s composed of R sample scripts and the source PDF with a 25 minute video presentation too.

The most recent posting covers portfolios, statistics and strategy creation and execution. This one gets into finer details including how to:

1. Apply a strategy
2. Update a current portfolio
3. Plot moving average crossover performance
4. Manage position size
5. Plot fixed dollar moving average crossover performance
6. Show strategy transactions
7. Plot average crossover with percent equity entries
8. Pass parameters at the time of application
9. Plot an X month simple moving average system
10. Optimize parameters and plot performance metric

It’s all covered in this free video posting. And as before, this is available to the public only once.

Good trading,

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