Google Android Tablet? Microsoft Surface? Reasons why I think Apple IPAD, IPHONE, IOS will always dominate in the long run

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2012)

No matter what this Google Android Tablet or Microsoft Surface does, here are my reasons why I think Apple IPAD, IPHONE, IOS will always dominate in the long run

First off, I was a skeptic with this Apple stuff but after getting the latest Ipad 3, it has been become a very important part of my life. Just like Matlab and R. Anyhow, I have become addicted. I am in the midst of dropping my second Android phone. One reason is that the hardware seems crappy with the phone. I include even Samsung with the Nexus S as the battery connector is basically busted after 9 months. Like seriously?  Forget that other Chinese company crappy hardware maker Huawei. That was easily the worst phone. Also, the Android apps are very badly developed. There are many bugs and do not go through the quality control that Apple enforces. I first thought this was an important reason to enjoy Android for more innovative apps but really, they are more bug ridden which screw up your ‘Android user experience.’ The new Ice Cream Sandwhich does not help. As a result, I got frustrated.

Now looking at Iphone versus Ipad. I am not going to be an idiot to drop $600 on an Iphone for the same price of an Ipad. Tethering is very possible through most unlocked phones including a Blackberry. A local Wi-Fi connection can also be close at hand. For voice, I am figuring Blackberry looks good just for this and a better battery. Blackberries can be really cheap these days but I am not interested in using it for apps. I just want it for the tethering and voice/text. Team it up with an Ipad and I am in heaven. Sorry I am no fool to sign up for these shackled long term cell contracts either. Screw that! I am not that stupid!

Ipad and any IOS app goes through rigorous testing before it gets accepted into the Apple ITunes store. Yes, Apple will look at the app’s source code to ensure quality is there. As a result, the apps are slicker and the long term experience of IOS is much better. Too bad Google does not get it with Android as I have bailed from that. And yes, I am a 20+ year developer so I would think I would think I know what I am talking about.

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